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To be a parent is to take full responsibility for the life of a child that is ours or in our care either through natural birth, adoption or any other way until such a time that the child or children are old enough to take responsibility for their own lives and decisions, and this may change for each child as they all learn and grow in their own way. As parents understanding what those responsibilities are is very important and has a massive impact on our children. These responsibilities are that a child or children be fed, be adequately clothed, need to be educated and learn life skills, put a roof over their head and love them unconditionally to the best of our abilities.
Sounds pretty straight forward?
Within these responsibilities we need to set boundaries that are neither extreme on either side.

Feeding them doesn’t mean 3 course dinners or 5 star dining or trying to keep up with the latest food trends, or giving them one meal a day and hoping that will keep them satisfied. It means providing adequate food to sustain, nourish and help them grow according to their needs and our means. Dressing them does not mean the latest designer labels or trends but rather appropriate clothing for the seasons of the year. A coat in winter and lightweight clothing in summer. Educating them does not simply mean send them to school and hope they will learn, rather teaching them life skills from and early age. 

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