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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice where by one dedicates time and effort to train and
cultivate qualities of the mind.
Meditation is often practised in a seated position either on a chair or cross legged
on the floor, however one can practice meditation by walking, dancing or lying
The purpose of Meditation according to Buddism is to cultivate a state of
liberation. At it’s core, meditation is a way to see clearly and end suffering.
In the West As with many things, our understanding of meditation is not exactly
the same as it was in India 2,600 years ago in Buddha’s time.

As meditation is a relatively new practice in the West, we are still seeking to understand
meditation as a collective culture and as individuals. Meditation can be used as an effective method to explore a higher sense of
self/purpose as a human being.
Or it can be used as a method to help manage pain/stress or simply to just sit in aquiet space. A lot of people come along to my classes wanting to be in a space that they are able to relax, as they may be experiencing high levels of stress which may effect them as insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure or depression, mediation can offer tools to assist in managing stress.

My meditation sessions are exclusively designed for small groups of 5-10 people